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Glad to be of help. I'm excited to see what kind of story you come up with! <3

I’m excited as well!(: 

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Some mythical creatures you could try: Naga, Swamp-man, Werewolf/Lycanthrope, Ghost, Undead, Dragon Hybrid (ish?), some sort of Demon, Wood Nymphs, Siren, Centaur, Elf, Grim Reaper, Imp, Merman, Satyr, Shapeshifter, ... (I typed in "mythical creatures list" in google for some of these) Hope this helps, hun! =^_^=

Dude you’re the best. I looked at google.. but uh, short attention span and I stopped after reading a few confusing things. xD Yay more choices<3

Hey guys so I’m working on a fanfic and I need your help.

In honor of halloween I’m writing a mythical/horror ish au

ahot6 probably

michael and geoff are vampires

but what other creatures should the others be 


Title: I See The Moon, The Moon Sees Me

AN: Okay, so I wrote this for work on my characterization to get back into writing AHOT6. It’s not much, sorry. Enjoy some sleepy bedtime sweet talk, or lack there of. 

Ship: AHOT6

WC: 547

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everytime i go to write a fanfic i just end up reading other people’s 

this is such a challenge

pugg-lyfe said: holy shit its perfect ur perfect

omg thank you<3 

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The cosplay looks really neat!

Thank you<3