I know you’re swamped with prompts but I’m an asshole and I love your writing. May I please have an ah ot6 fic where Jack is treated like more of a nurse/maid/caretaker than he is treated like one of the people who is in the relationship. To the point where most nights he’s just waiting because the boys are having date nights and he’s never invited to them anymore. Maybe he points it out? Maybe the boys notice? From there it’s up to you. ~Davieboi

AN: LOOK WHAT I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING. I actually wanted to write this a really long time ago but just couldn’t figure out how to do it  justice. So low and behold; the time has come for Davie to get his prompt written.

Title: Smegpot Boyfriends

Ship: AHOT6(Jack centric)

Warnings: language, angstiness, loneliness.

WC: 1830

Jack didn’t want to complain, he didn’t want to be an annoyance and he certainly didn’t want to rock the already slightly overcrowded, slightly unstable, boat they were on. He’d been aware of it for a while but suddenly it was out of control; living with five very creative, very messy men, they didn’t really clean up after themselves very well so it was left to Jack. It started first thing in the morning when he woke up to scattered clothes across the floor, leaving him to throw it in the hamper. He’d do the laundry after he showered, speaking of which, the bathroom is a disaster so Jack straightened up the best he could and promised to bleach the shower after lunch.

“Jack, can you run to the grocery store later? I don’t have time to make a list; I’ve got a lunch date with Ryan.” Geoff said hurriedly as Jack walked into the kitchen, kissing him on the cheek before heading to the living room. So much for Team Gents…

“Yeah…” Jack mumbled as Geoff walked out, sighing and tearing a piece of paper from off the notepad on the fridge. He was searching through the cabinets, figuring out what they needed and what they didn’t when Michael walked in.

“Jack, I’m hungry. What’re you making?” Michael asked curiously as he watched the man search through the pantry.

“I was making a grocery list, actually.” Jack informed him, writing down a few more items.

“Oh, that’s fine. I’ll just make myself something, no biggy.” Michael forced his way into the kitchen, bumping into Jack as he grabbed out a pack of ramen. “This is the last one, we need more.”

“Can you wait till I’m done at least, Michael?” Jack nearly whispered; not wanting to be rude to the curly haired man.

“I’m hungry, Jack. Can’t you finish the list later?” Michael shrugged him off, pouring some water into a pan and turning on the stove.

“You’re serious?” Jack asked incredulously, mouth agape.

“You’re serious?” Michael retorted back childishly; complete with ‘Jack’ voice and all. He was playful enough, tongue sticking out of his mouth, but Jack was not in anyway wanting to deal with him right now.

“Fine. Enjoy your ramen.” Jack muttered, slamming the pantry door rather loudly and sliding the list to the countertop. He stormed out towards the living room, not even attempting to mask his irritation.

“What’s your problem?!” Michael yelled; but Jack knew he didn’t care enough to actually figure it out.

“What happened?” Jack demanded, eyeing Gavin’s bleeding arm as the man was crouched on the ground; eyes watering from laughter.

“I-I tripped and fell on the table; it broke. I’m sorry.” Gavin’s grin was bright despite the pain that was no doubt along the slice.

“Come with me.” Jack mumbled, taking Gavin’s non injured hand and aiding him in standing up. He lead the man to the bathroom on the bottom floor. Once they reached it he turned the water on and grabbed a washcloth; Gavin yelped loudly when his arm was forced under the stinging water. He cleaned the wound as best he could with Gavin trying to tear his arm away. Once he was done he let Gavin sit on the counter; searching for the first aid kit.

Once he found the red and white emergency kit, he searched through for some neosporin. Once he found it, he poured some onto his fingers and gently rubbed it along the wound, ignoring Gavin’s whining. After he was done he kissed Gavin’s forehead.

“Thanks, Jack.” Gavin kissed the man’s cheek before walking out of the bathroom.

After that, Jack decided to go work on the laundry; heading to the bedroom to grab it when he saw Ray’s still sleeping figure curled up on the bed. Sighing, Jack made his way over, tugging the covers off the now groaning man and shaking him slightly.

“Hey, time to wake up. It’s nearly noon.” Jack informed him, running a hand through his locks and chuckling when the man pushed his hand away.

“Nuh uh.” Ray shook his head, eyes closing tighter to prove his point.

“You’re not gonna sleep all day, wake up.” Jack shook him lightly before walking over to the blinds and letting the sun shine directly on the man’s face.

“You’re an asshole.” Ray muttered sleepily, but opened his eyes nevertheless. It wasn’t much; but it was progress.

Jack let the man get up the rest of the way on his own, and grabbed the hamper to take to the laundry room. He spent the next half hour doing laundry; and when he walked back to the bedroom to put the hamper away he grunted at the fact that Ray left his clothes on the floor. He tossed them in; heading back to the kitchen when his stomach growled.

“Michael didn’t make me ramen, Jack.” Gavin mumbled the moment he walked in; pout on his face as he glanced up at Jack.

“We’re out, I’m going to the grocery store later. Do any of you want to go?” Jack rolled his eyes at the universal laughter; everyone hated going grocery shopping. “Figures as much; you’d probably just destroy the place anyway.” Jack hissed venomously, ignoring the boy’s surprised raised eyebrows.

“What am I going to eat, Jack?” Gavin continued to whine, sliding his face into his hands.

“What do you want?” Jack asked.

“Oh I see how it is, you’ll make his lunch but you won’t make mine.” Michael smirked as he sipped on a can of red bull.

“I was trying to complete the list, Michael.” Jack muttered; glancing over pointedly to the list- or where the list had been when he left it. “Where is it?”

“Uh… I may have spilled soup on it.” Michael shrugged uncaringly; not one for apologies.

“God damn it, Michael.” Jack sighed; tearing off another paper and writing down milk and eggs.

“Food…” Gavin whined, giving Jack puppy dog eyes.

“What do you want?” Jack repeated himself, prodding for Gavin to at least give him a hint.

“I don’t know.” Gavin said, pausing to consider his options. “Pizza?”

“There’s leftover pizza.” Jack sighed, happy with the sudden struck of luck. Gavin seemed content to jump up and walk to the fridge.

After everyone was taken care of, he let himself have a piece of pizza. Ryan and Geoff walked in a few minutes later; and they all shared pleasantries about how their date went.

“So why is there blood in the living room?” Ryan asked; chuckling when Gavin lifted his arm up. “You should’ve cleaned it Jack, that stuff stains.”

“I’m fuckin’ sorry!” Jack yelled rather loudly, slamming his plate in the sink and glaring at a good portion of them before stomping away; leaving the boy’s in shock.

Jack found himself stomping up the stairs, heading towards the computer room which was currently the farthest moment from where they stood. He figured he could’ve gone outside; but it was too late now. He slid into the computer chair and sighed.

This had been an everyday thing for as long as he could remember; the boy’s leaving him to clean the house while they went on dates.

“Where are you two going…?” Jack questioned Geoff and Michael, Ryan had taken Ray and Gavin out for a movie and so it was just the three left in the house.

“Out.” Michael muttered, shuffling his shoes on.

“We’re gonna go take a walk or something.” Geoff shrugged, waving a goodbye as he slid out the door behind Michael.

Jack didn’t want to admit that he cried that night; not exactly the most masculine moment he’d ever had. His patience had been building up for a long time now and honestly he wasn’t surprised that he snapped; he was at his boiling point and though he didn’t want to leave them. He obviously didn’t matter as much as they meant to him; and he was okay with that but he didn’t want to be kept around just because he was useful.

Geoff walked in first, hesitant and confused as he glanced at Jack who was obviously tearing up as he looked toward the ceiling and willed himself not to. Geoff came over, sitting on the edge of the desk and raising an eyebrow at the bearded man.

“What was that all about?” Geoff questioned lightly.

“It doesn’t even matter.” Jack shook his head, certainly not in the mood to deal with any of his lovers right now.

“Yeah it does. You snapped at Ryan for no reason.” Geoff informed him; as if he wasn’t aware of his own actions.

“I’m pissed, okay?” Jack admitted, looking at Geoff for the first time since he’d entered. “I’m pissed, and hurt.”

“Why?” Geoff furrowed his brow; raking his mind for reasons that the man could be irritated and upset. Jack could hear a mumbled curse and a ‘shh.’ coming from outside the door, and sighed at the eavesdroppers.

“I don’t mean anything to you.” Jack nearly whispered; tears falling at the corners of his eyes.

“What?” Geoff asked; disbelief. “That’s not true..”

“Yeah. It is, I’m only ever good for cleaning and cooking and taking care of the house.” Jack rubbed hastily at his face; wiping the tears off of his skin in annoyance. “I spent my entire morning cleaning and it’s still not enough for you. I’m always left out of dates, and I don’t know if I can take anymore, Geoff..”

Geoff was stunned silent as he glanced back to the door where the guy’s were peeking in with open mouths and apologetic eyes. “Oh lord, Jack.. We’re so sorry.”

Jack’s whimper left his mouth before he had time to stop it, which seemed to be Geoff’s breaking point as he pulled the man off the chair and wrapped his arms tightly around him.

“Fuck, we had no idea Jack… You do a lot, you do too much.” Geoff mumbled, watching the guy’s file in. “That isn’t fair of us at all, I never knew. I’m sorry.”

Geoff’s eyes looked too guilty and Jack silently wished he’d never brought it up at all. “It’s.. I’m just being dramatic.”

“No, you’re not.” Michael spoke up from the side; causing Jack to glance at him. “That’s fucked up of us…”

“We’re major smegpots.” Gavin added; winding himself in between Geoff and Jack’s hug fest.

“We’ll help you clean the house, promise.” Ryan added, following the others close to Jack.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.” Jack let Ryan pull him in for a kiss.

“I would’ve snapped a long time ago.” Ryan admitted.

“You did snap a long time ago.” Michael chuckled.

“Seriously, we’ll help out Jack.” Ray spoke up and Jack instantly pulled the smaller man closer. “We love you.”

“We should’ve been appreciating you more.” Geoff muttered.

“It’s okay, really.” Jack shrugged, enjoying the comforting group hug they were keeping him in. “Just don’t do it again.”

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